Take a break from the office and the coffee machine and join us for some fresh air in our great woodland venue.

Low Impact Paintball and Laser Combat are great team activities and a great way to keep fit.  We provide a fun enjoyable day without any pain and bruises whilst promoting team bonding and communication.


The coolest birthday party around for 8 to 16 year olds. Forget the magicians and the clowns and come down to the woods for some high adrenaline action and fun.

Enjoy our Laser Combat  live gaming and at last, an extremely fun and safe version of paintball for players aged 8 years +. For many years the younger players have been waiting to finally be able to play Paintball. The wait is finally over!


Low Impact Paintball and Laser Combat school trips are a great way to allow young people to get out in the woods and exercise in the fresh air whilst developing problem solving, confidence and teambuilding whilst having lots of fun.

Our games are challenging mentally as well as physically and would benefit young people from primary school children all the way up to 6th form.  We are also able to offer work experience opportunities to motivated young people. Join us for end of term, final exams or an addition to the curriculum. Whether you have 20 students or 200 at our 45 acre venue we can accommodate your requirements.


Paintballing for your stag weekend is fast becoming the ultimate stag party classic, and at Zap Combat we also have a new pretender to the thrown with our Laser Combat.

For the ladies Low Impact Paintball or Laser Combat is an unforgettable Hen party experience that will have you and the girls gunning and giggling like never before.

We have got fantastic outfits for you ladies (full camo overalls) the latest fashion accessories (ammo belts and body armour) and top all that off with the finest make-up kits money can buy (camo face paint) then you’ll be ready for full on hen party warfare.