Are you looking for kids parties ideas in London or in Hertfordshire, or just for something different to celebrate your child’s birthday?

Then you have just found it! Suitable for boys and girls aged 6 to 15, our kids parties in Hertfordshire will truly amaze your child and have tongues wagging in the playground for months to come.

At Zap Combat we know how to create childrens birthday parties to remember. Not only do our parties offer a huge range of fun, exciting party missions and activities for your children to enjoy, but we also make the whole process as easy as possible for you to organise (just take a look at our downloads page for invitations and other helpful stuff).

When parents invite other people’s children to a birthday party their first concern is always of safety. We can assure you Zap Combat has a 100% safety record which we are proud of and totally committed to maintaining. We guarantee to return all children fully safe and sound, just as you gave them to us but with bigger smiles (and at times a little muddier).

A childrens party full of paintball or laser combat action is an unforgettable experience for any youngster, it’s like living out the action sequences they’ve otherwise only ever seen in computer games. The experience of storming a fortress or enemy machine gun nest with your best mate is quite simple an unbeatable birthday party experience.


Laser combat parties combine the thrills of real life video gaming with fun, fresh air and exercise! There are no projectiles being fired in laser combat so therefore there is no mess, no pain just 100% fun.

From ages 6-15 years a laser combat birthday party is an ideal way to celebrate that special day. With exclusive parties for 10 or more players, and our infamous Predator for even more entertainment, your kids will be talking about this special birthday for years to come.

Our ground breaking laser combat weapons work on the infrared system which is completely safe to eyes – similar to your TV remote, which means we can provide the safest environment with the maximum amount of accuracy for your kid’s party.

Unlike some laser combat or laser tag sites, we do not operate a handicap system and adjust hits on specific markers as no child is EVER singled out as a ‘bad player’, our staff are highly trained and follow our philosophy of team play, and they encourage even the weakest players to shine. The games are also carefully chosen by our staff on the day to suit the player’s abilities and ensure at the end of the day both teams have points on the scoreboard.

Our Laser Combat marshals are all hand-picked and have many years of experience in running events for young children and youth groups, so your little troops are in the best hands possible for their special event.

Why not let us bring the party to you? With our inflatable laser combat field we can set up anywhere even in your back garden!

To find out more about our mobile laser combat click here.


Our childrens parties in Hertfordshire and kids parties in London provide nonstop action for your little soldiers, with realistic combat missions and action packed fun.

At Zap Combat we have over 15 years of experience in organising kids paintballing parties and that’s why we provide the safest and most enjoyable paintballing experiences in the country. We understand that as parents you do not want your kids playing against big grown men (unless dad wants to join in of course!).

Therefore we are one of the only centres in the UK to offer exclusive kids parties. With only 12 players they get their own playing field and private paintball party, which makes for an even more special birthday. Think you might struggle to get 12 players together? Don’t worry, we may not be able to guarantee exclusivity, but we will try to ensure that your kids are matched up against players of a similar age, unlike other centres.

The equipment supplied to our junior paintball players is of the highest quality and we also make sure that every younger player has a chest and back protector free of charge to give you extra peace of mind.

Our paintball marshals specialise in kids paintballing and are the most experienced in the country at dealing with the younger players. They not only provide unparalleled awareness and safety, but also maximum entertainment to ensure your kids have the birthday party to remember.

Junior paintball is suitable for children aged 11 to 15 years old, and is fully supervised by our members of staff so no adults have to participate. However we do always recommend that an adult stays on site while they are playing.

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