Low Impact Paintball – Open Sessions for Adult / Kids Smaller Groups

From: £7.00

Zap Battle Royale is the ultimate adrenaline low impact paintball experience. Turn up solo or with your mates and join other groups it’s a battle royale fight the finish! Last Man Standing!

Using the latest  low impact paintball guns you get the perfect mix of power and speed but without the bruises and pain from high velocity paintball.

Both Full & Half Day Sessions include 100 paintballs, goggles & protective vest to get you going! (Extras can be purchased – see below)

Please note: we require a minimum of 10 players to run a session. We may need to move your booking to join a larger group to enhance your experience, we will notify you 24hrs prior to your event IF we need to move you.



6th, 27th, 30th & 31st May


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Zap ‘n’ Zoo

After playing Laser Combat head over to Paradise Wildlife Park, home to over 500 animals, which include small mammals, birds, primates, reptiles, and big cats including white Bengal tigers and white lions.


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You can purchase extra paintballs and kit on the day:

£9 for 100 paintballs per player

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