Laser Combat – Small Groups

From: £25.00

1-3 Hour Laser Combat for Small Groups

  • 1 Hour Laser Combat Sessions
  • Minimum 1 player to book, come solo or with your mates and join other groups
  • All players must be a minimum age of 6 years old to participate.
  • £12.50 per player inclusive of all lives and ammunition
  • Please view calendar below for available session times and dates

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Zap ‘n’ Zoo

After playing Laser Combat head over to Paradise Wildlife Park, home to over 500 animals, which include small mammals, birds, primates, reptiles, and big cats including white Bengal tigers and white lions.

Pay a deposit of £25.00 per item

Product Description

The cost per person is £12.50 per hour including entrance to the site, full hire of all equipment and all lives and ammunition for them.

We ask you to arrive roughly about 15 minutes before the session starts to ensure all players are there to start on the hour and we are able to arrange the teams prior to starting. All Players would then have a safety briefing and a gun demonstration and then collect their gun and make their way out to the playing arenas. We would start by playing a short warm up game just roughly 5 minutes just for the players to get used to the equipment and running around in the woods. Then we would start playing some team games depending on the age of the players and what games they would like to play. They would play between 2-3 games and then come back into the Laser HQ for a short 5-10 minute break for a chance to put the guns down and to grab a drink and possibly a small snack which you would supply for them. They would then go back out into a different paying arena to play another 2-3 games. The amount of games they will play will depend on how well the players listen to the instructor but they are guaranteed to play a minimum of 4 games.

The Laser Guns use an infrared sensor similar to the technology in a remote control for a television. Therefore there is no safety equipment required. The areas where they will play the games has a variety of castles, bridges, log cabins etc out there for them to use whilst playing. We supply the players with a team coloured bib and the gun which is attached to an army camouflage cap. With regards to clothing we recommend something they don’t mind getting a little grubby and weather suitable. We do not require the players to wear long sleeves or long trousers

The minimum age for players to participate in the Laser Combat Games is 6 years and they are supervised for the entire time they are in the playing area by a staff member.

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– A large quarter pounder burger, cheeseburger, Jumbo hotdog or veggie burger
– A packet of sweets
– A choice of cold drink or hot chocolate

– A Cheese & Tomato Pizza or Chicken Burger or Ham or Cheese Panini
– A packet of sweets
– A choice of cold drink or hot chocolate


Please send over an email to with the confirmed food choices a minimum of 4 days prior to the booking date to guarantee all participants choices can be accommodated for. Any additional food and refreshments required can be purchased on the day.

The caterers are an independent company to ourselves and the balance for these will be payable directly to themselves on the day of the booking. This payment can be made either by a cash or cheque payment. For large bookings a BACS payment can be arranged.

Unfortunately they are unable to serve any players with any food allergies. Due to the possibility of cross contamination within the cooking and preparation area and the remote location of the venue.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding the order please contact Jane Hastler Catering on 07940428643

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To download our full booking terms and conditions please click here

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