School events and youth group days out can be more than just a challenge to organise. There can often be many questions you need answering, particularly regarding safety; such as is the venue safe? does the company have insurance? are their staff fully trained? And are all the events structured and organised?

At Zap Combat we frequently host paintballing and Laser Combat events for large school and youth groups so we understand the concerns of event organisers. This is why we arrange our events to best to suit your needs whether it’s an event at Zap Combat Centre or a mobile laser combat event at your School, we will guarantee every aspect will have been thought of in detail and catered for.

Our Paintball and Laser Combat programmes are carefully planned to suit educators’ and parents’ schedules, with the entire outing taking place within standard school hours. All safety and game equipment is provided, and we can also provide lunch for students on site.

Paintballing and laser combat events are great for youth groups because you don’t need any previous experience to play, and you also don’t need high levels of fitness meaning everyone can join in the fun. Our combat games teach students to communicate and work towards a goal by engaging them in structured game scenarios. Whether it’s for schools, sports clubs or youth centres, Paintball and Laser Combat are a great for bringing shy students out of their shells and helping energetic pupils channel their energy in productive ways.

Our highly trained staff will be on hand every moment of the day to ensure that proper safety measures are being observed, as well as to offer friendly advice on strategy and technique and to make sure that all students are involved in the games and are of course enjoying their experience. We also endeavour to accommodate all special requests, such as creating new games specially designed to develop particular skills.

Zap Combat has a long-established reputation as one of the UK’s foremost paintball and laser combat providers. We hold £5,000.000 public liability insurance and conduct regular risk assessments. Public liability and risk assessments are available for any company, school or organization.

Please contact a member of the Zap Combat Team on 01707 660088 for more information on our unique learning opportunities and school discounts.