Paintballing and Laser Combat are ideal for Stag Parties.

Paintballing for your stag weekend is fast becoming the ultimate stag party classic, and at Zap Combat we also have a new pretender to the thrown with our Laser Combat.


Paintballing was made for the stag do, what other event allows you to paint your face with mud and run around the woods, hiding behind trees, head to toe in camouflage shooting up your friends. This might sound like a certain episode of ‘Spaced’ to you (which coincidently was filmed at Zap Combat Centre) and you would be right but it’s also a whole lot more.

It’s where friendships are formed (and renewed) as you celebrate your last few days of freedom by charging around together, like a lost platoon of soldiers, demonstrating the highest levels of camaraderie as you take no prisoners by blowing things up and shooting strangers on sight, even if that includes the stag’s backside while he’s not looking!

This is why paintball has always been a hugely popular activity for stag parties, it leaves the groom exhausted, bruised and battered which makes it good training for marriage!

If you plan to dress the stag up in any kind of ridiculous outfit for easy target practice and humiliation for your stag party, you’ll be glad to know at Zap Combat we don’t just encourage it, we can actually provide some suitable outfits ourselves, from superman costumes, bunny costumes or even a pink tutu!!

We also have our very own special ‘Stag Run’ for the lucky groom, but we won’t divulge the gruesome details on this one until the day. We wouldn’t want him getting cold feet now would we?


Still want all the fun of paintballing but without the noticeable bruises for the wedding day?

Then Laser Combat is definitely the right option for you, with unlimited ammunition, a larger variety of weapons and exclusive sessions available for 10 or more players, it makes for a friendlier setting than paintball. Not to mention the fact that the only thing being fired is harmless infra-red beams, so that means no pain, which we’re sure makes for a happy groom.

However don’t be fooled into thinking that Laser Combat is like indoor laser tag or is just for girls or kids. The combat equipment we use at Zap Combat is state of the art technology, which even the military train with and trust us they’re not girls! Add to that our tailor made stag party scenarios and awesome smoke grenades and you have your very own real life Call of Duty stag party, full of adrenaline and shoot ’em up action without a bruise or joystick in sight!

Fancy yourself as bit of a Rambo or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator? Then we’ve got just the thing for you, try and battle it out in a special game against our very own Predator. There’s nothing he hates more than stags in his woods and we are pretty sure after all this laser combat fun you’ll be the one telling us “I’ll be back!”

If you have any other special requirements just let us know, we have years of experience in catering for stag parties and our booking staff can tailor a day of combat action to suit your needs, ensuring that you have the best stag party to remember.

Why not try and double the bride and groom’s fun by organising a combined Stag vs Hen party so both sides can get to know each other for the big day, before going their separate ways for the stag and hen night?